Single Purpose Mobile Application.

The Wheel of Lunch

Designed a single purpose mobile application that will quickly choose lunch for you when you're indecisive.


Target audience was working professionals or students that are to busy/indecisive to choose lunch. Competition in this space was almost non-existent as I found out during my research.

The Process

Ideation And Sketches

Wanted to create something that had a retro look and feel, that was simple and easy to navigate.

Did a few rough sketches trying to figure out the interface keeping in consideration how the end user would interact with this application.

Digital Concepts

During this phase of the project I narrowed down to what color scheme to use and a general idea of how I wanted the layout to be.

Another important consideration was the required number of screen for this project.


The spinning wheel itself was one of the most challenging parts as I needed it to be interactive, retain the functionality and keep with the general look an feel of the app. Had to create pocket shadows to give it a great look without looking skeumorphic.

Final Design

In the end, I came up with a total of four screens as you can see in this illustrative mockup.

This one was one of the most challenging projects I worked on during the UX class in the fall of 2017.