Camping Website

Wandering Home

The goal of this project during the User Experience Design class was to create a website with an e-zine style design. I had to find a topic of interest and decided to go with a Camping and RV site. This site could contain different articles of interest as well as reviews. The tools primarily used for this project, in particular, were SketchApp and InVision.


I started looking at similar camping and RV sites to gather some ideas as to what the style of the page should be. What color palettes were used and which ones look more appealing and visually attractive to me.

The Process

Ideation And Sketches

I wanted to create a fluid layout so the user could navigate through the main page and select which articles to read.

The initial name for the site was Wandering Gypsy. But Instructur suggested that the name had negative connotation and could be considered offensive, so it was changed to Wandering Home.

Digital Concepts

With an idea of the layout, I created a few digital concepts. With initial instructor and peer feedback, some of the elements were re-arranged and attention given to spacing and type selection.

Also at this point I started looking for stock photography that would suit the content of the website well along with having a more of a hipster/instagram look.


At this point I did a lot of work on the header portion of the site, in particular with the frosted glass effect and hero image. Also worked on the navigation and replaced the display typeface for a sans serif for a more clean look.

Final Design

Did a little bit more re-aranging and fine tuning of the look and feel and while the green outdoorsy look worked great, I tried using a warmer color palette and shifted to orange.

I've also found a typeface that gave the site a more modern and contemporary look and worked on the final details of proper spacing and hierarchy.