Typography class poster

Typography 2018

The goal of this project was to create a visually appealing 11x17 poster which is highly legible, displays a good sense of hierarchy, and is evocative for the 2018 Typography Class.


Using only type and a limited amount of strokes, rules, and vector-based shapes, created a poster for the 2018 semester typography class. Guidelines were to use (but not required) type on a path, transparency, color, and multiple typefaces. Copy was provided and it was needed to create a sense of visual hierarchy using the elements and principles of design.

The Process

Ideation And Sketches

Tried different approaches to lay out the content where it would be clearly legible and making sure hierarchy was taken into account.

Digital Concepts

Decided on using swiss design and did a few versions that included a CMYK set and two colorful posters.

Based on peer and instructor critique I selected two of the designs and worked on tweaking the details.


These were the final two concepts that I worked on but ultimately the more simpler swiss design had the most appeal to me.

Final Design

This was the one design I eneded up submitting as a final version. It has been one of my favorite projects to work on.

Received very positive feedback and entered for the student porfolio submission in the Spring of 2018.