Magazine Layout Design

Two days in Rome

Designed and produced a letter-size independent magazine, (20 interior pages + 4 page covers) featuring college student life and culture from student-authored articles and photography.


Magazine name & Tag line: Created a magazine title and tag line for the publication. Defined a target audience: The magazine target audience is college students. The magazine category is Lifestyle. Authored Article: Wrote, edited and contributed a 600-word magazine article and supporting photography/ imagery related to article.

The Process

Ideation And Sketches

Decided on a travel article about a two-day itinerary visit to the city of Rome. I had photos from a previous trip and wrote copy following a tour guide document type.

After an initial set of thumbnails, I created the basic spread layout and possible typefaces that would work best with the overall look and feel I was trying to achieve. I chose spreads to have an interesting look across the six pages needed for the article.

I also had to collect photography and copy from three other students to generate the additional spreads needed to complete the twenty-page magazine. The most challenging aspect of this was to create unique looking designs for each one of them while having a consistent look across the publication.


Initial typefaces chosen were Trajan for the article title and Garamond ITC for the headings and primary body copy.

Afer peer and instructor feedback, I decided that more negative space was needed to balance the overall layout and then started the process of curating the images and manipulating them to create visual interest.


Took a few attempts to come up with a design that looked well balanced. It was vital for me to achieve the right hierarchy utilizing the right typography.

To add visual variety and interest, the use of negative space to lead the viewer's eye throughout the composition was critical.

Final Design

To complete the project a pdf of the InDesign file was created as well as a printed version that I sent out to get professionally printed through blurb.

Overall this project made me take more interest layout design as well as typography in general, but most importantly the impact of negative space in the overall appearance of a well-balanced composition.