Illustrative Type Logo

MilDot Apparel

Custom hand-lettered brand logotype design for a veteran owned line of clothing. Logo communicates and functions commercially to a broad audience and it is legible/readable and crafted in a highly stylized and visually memorable manner.


For the illustrative design logo project, I have decided to go with a clothing line designed for military veterans. There are a few of these out there like Article 15, Grunt Style and Nine Line. Some of the names I was considering for this brand were military terms or acronyms like: The Outfit, Team One, Post Exchange, TA-50, Squadron, Brigade, The Supply Room and Mil Dot.

The Process

Ideation And Sketches

Ultimately, I decided on Mil Dot which is a unit of measure in weapon system optics. In my research, I did not find any tactical clothing company with that name.

Mood board including some of the brands I found and also a typeface I drew inspiration from. Also, two sketches with preliminary versions. One that I presented and was told closely resembles the “GI Joe” brand, not necessarily a bad thing since the target market is military… And the second one where I replaced the lines and star with a reticle cross and mil dots as you would see them through a scope.

Digital Concepts

Tried recreating the initail sketch keeping in mind legibility and proportion.

I decided to keep it as simple as possible and using the least number of colors in this case black and white with a red accent for the dots inspired by the scope.


Did some minor adjustments to the type and tried to keep the width consistent accross the entire type design.

Final Design

Final design mocked as a baseball hat with the emboridered logo.

Overall this project made me take more interest in handwritten typography and illustration.