Illustrative Sports Team Logo

The Leaping Lizards

llustrative logo for a fictional minor basketball team, the North Aurora Leaping Lizards. Created using a maximum of three colors, orange, green and red, and using different tints to create shading and accents. This project was completed for the Digital Illustration Class at the College of Dupage in the Spring of 2017.


The concept was to select an unusual animal that carried the most notable attributes of the sport, in this case basketball.

The Process

Ideation And Sketches

During research, made sure that there were not any basketball teams using the lizard as a mascot.

Started up drawing a lizard hugging a basketball with it's tail wrapped around the bottom of the basketball. Tried making the shapes as simple as possible to minimize the use of color and at the same time detailed enough for an illustration.

Digital Concepts

Once I selected the sketch that best fit the project, a simple digital framework was made utilizing Adobe Illustrator CC to determine size and overall look.

Then some color was applied to have a general idea that the design would meet the requirements of only using three colors.


With the three colors applied: red, green and orange. I went to work on final details and selected the best two designs.

During peer critique decided to go with the first iteration as it resembled the initial sketches with the shading on the bottom of the lizard. Also did some minor adjustments to the top part removing the three stripes on the back of the animal.

Final Design

In the end, I simplified the design to give it a more modern flat design look. Found a contemporary typeface that worked well with the overall design.

Adjusted the color palette so it would improve the look and feel that would look great in a sweatshirt or hoodie for the team for my final design.