Interactive iPad Menu

Il Maresciallo Restaurant

Designed the interface and user experience for an interactive menu at a fictional restaurant. As companies explore a dining experience that is devoid of human interaction, the applications that customers interact with still need to be decidedly human.


For this project I decided to create a menu for a fast casual custom, made to order fresh Italian pasta. Ease of use when ordering and the unique combination of pasta, sauce and toppings was important to the demographics of 18-35, working professionals that value fresh ingredients are time conscious and tech-savvy.

The Process

Ideation And Sketches

Decided to go with the name of Il Maresciallo which means The Marshall in italian, this is a senior ranking enlisted in the Italian Carabinieri.

Mood board including some of the brands I found and also a typeface I drew inspiration from. Also, two sketches with preliminary versions.

Digital Concepts

Tried recreating the initail sketch keeping in mind legibility and proportion.

I decided to keep it as simple as possible and using the least number of colors.


Did some minor adjustments to the type and tried to keep the width consistent accross the entire type design.

Final Design

Final design mocked with an iPad.

Overall this project made me take more interest in UX.